mindfulness             massage

a thoughtfully designed treatment to allow you to completely submerge yourself into the experience.

receive energy and relief through healing touch.

our therapists can bestow relaxation, release and align overall oneness of mind and body.

With this magical and unique massage combined with your choice of a mindful guided meditation or meditative music and the help of noise cancelling headphones, let the world slip away while we bring you peace and relaxation.

firstly you will select your intention oil blend that resonates with you, followed by a scalp and face massage moving onto a full body dry  brush exfoliation,

we will then set your meditation selection moving into your nurturing light flowing massage which culminates with the calming of the mind and releasing of the spirit. 

duration 90mins | $149

intention oils blends include:

I am : feminine, empowering

recovery : restorative relief for mind and body

nurture : feminine, calming

zen : grounding

peace : soothing

purifying : detoxifying

muscle relief : loosens tension