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From February 1st, 2022 all appointments will require a 50% booking deposit


The time booked is reserved for the client's exclusive use. When appointments are missed or rescheduled with insufficient notice

Covet Beauty is often unable to fill the vacancy. The 50% booking deposit will go towards your appointment on the day.

To help you manage your appointment Covet Beauty will send reminder texts/emails approx.48 hrs ahead.

Please note these conditions also apply to all Gift Vouchers / Gift Card Appointments; 50% of your gift card will be held as the deposit for your appointment and in the case of cancellation or rescheduling within 24hrs or no showing to your appointment 50% of your gift card will be forfeited. 

As with all technology, things can occasionally go wrong. Ultimately it is the clients' responsibility to keep the booking.

The 50% booking deposit is non-refundable in the case of cancellation/rescheduling / not showing within 24hrs.

Rescheduling will be limited to twice for each appointment, after your second reschedule if you're still unable to make that appointment you will be required to cancel said appointment if outside of 24hrs notice you will be issued a refund, if within 24 hrs you will be subject to our cancelation policy.

It is your responsibility to be on time for your appointment, if you are running late, let us know we will do our best to accommodate you which may result in a shorter service or a reduced amount of services performed,  please note our responsibility is to our on-time clients who will take priority. If we are unable to accommodate you at that time, your deposit will be forfeited subject to our cancellation policy.

                     Please Note: we do not accept appointments, rescheduling or cancellations via social media, DM's or Email

We understand things go wrong, and there can be unexpected things that pop up if you do have to cancel or

reschedule within those 24 hours please call and chat with us.

appointments/cancellations/reschedules can only be made online or

by texting/calling 0412268705

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