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The perfect start to your healthy skin care journey

Our expert therapists tailor each treatment to enhance your skin,leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Choose between either  Skin Juice or Organic Spa, all natural Australian made skin care.

Ready to discover a new product range but have concerns? this treatment is perfect for you, we will do a thorough consultation, analyse your skin and perform an express facial to allow you to feel each recommended product before committing. 

We can send you home with a selection of samples to continue your testing or if you choose to purchase you'll receive the cost of your service off your purchase over $99!

Duration 30mins | $50

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*100% deposit required refundable with purchases over $99 on the     same day
*can only be booked every 6 months per person

This Mini Facial packs everything you would expect from a standard facial into half the time, it is ideal for those on a time limit or team it with a back massage for further relaxation.

Choose between Skin Juice or Organicspa

Duration 30 mins | $60

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Our signature hands-on facial will restore hydration, and balance to the skin with all natural botanical extracts, essential oils, tonics and cell plumping actives. The fully customised luxurious

massage will target detoxification, facial and scalp tension, and loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles.

Choose between Skin Juice or Organicspa

Duration 60mins | $90

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