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Now this is for everybody, starting with a Foot soak and scrub to the knees, we will then apply a refreshing Foot Mask.
While your feet are tucked in, we then work out all the tension you’re holding on to with a divine Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage - once your almost snoozing we will place a Jade Crystal Mask over your eyes and if you choose, noise cancelling headphones with either a guided meditation or your favourite music while we massage your Feet and Calves - it’s a complete Reset!
Tell me this doesn’t sound incredible!?


Includes: Foot Soak, Scrub, Mask & Massage + Shoulder, Neck & Scalp Massage 
Optional: Noise Cancelling Headphones with Guided Meditation or your choice of Music 

Suitable when Pregnant
Duration 60 mins | $110 

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Take a break with us...

Slip into our heated bed while we begin with a salt & oil foot scrub followed by a muscle-melting Aroma Back Massage finishing with our customised Facial Petite leaving you feeling warm, nurtured and fully relaxed.

Includes: Foot Soak & Scrub + Back Massage + Facial Petite 

Not suitable when Pregnant

Duration 75mins | Cost $125

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This package is for the stressed, the weary, for those with chronic headaches & especially the Sinus sufferers. 

Ear Candling is gentle, relaxing and non-invasive however if it's not for you or you have a current ear infection, we can switch it for a longer massage.

This hour-long treatment takes place in a darkened room with soothing music you can drift away to while we help you reset.

Includes: Ear Candling + Indian Head Massage + Shouler, Neck & Face Massage + Eye Rescue Mask

Suitable when Pregnant 

Duration 75mins | Cost $125

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Begin your journey with a blend of seasonal herbs and aromatherapy oils infused into pink lake salt to smooth the skin leaving you fresh and glowing followed by warm basalt stones and detoxifying oils of citrus and spruce, this relaxing massage soothes sore muscles and naturally replenishes the body with vital minerals.
A therapeutic treatment that features the natural benefits of Himalayan salt and Swedish massage to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and restore balance within the body.

Includes: Full Body Salt Exfoliation + Full Body Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage 
Not suitable when Pregnant 

Duration 90mins  | Cost $150

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Receive energy and relief through a healing touch.

our therapists can bestow relaxation, release and align the overall oneness of mind and body.

With this magical and unique massage combined with your choice of mindful guided meditation or meditative music and the help of noise-cancelling headphones, let the world slip away while we bring you peace and relaxation.

Firstly, you will select your intention oil blend that resonates with you, followed by a scalp and face massage moving onto a full body dry brush exfoliation, we will then set your meditation selection moving into your nurturing light flowing massage which culminates with the calming of the mind and releasing of the spirit. 

Includes: Full Body Brushing + Scalp & Face Massage + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage 

Duration 90mins | $149

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To begin, with rich and creamy earthy minerals & botanical powders combined with the healing properties Australian Native extracts &

Essential Oils your skin will be smoothed with an invigorating full body exfoliation.

Next, while you relax in a warm cocoon of organic clays and plant extracts to cleanse, tone and detoxify, you'll enjoy a scalp and foot massage to ease away all remaining tensions. 

After enjoying a steamy aromatic shower we will massage in delicately scented body custard to hydrate and replenish your grateful skin.

A true retreat for your skin and your Self.

Includes: Full Body Exfoliation + Scalp Massage + Foot Massage + Body Wrap 

Duration 60mins | $165

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Drift away with this Head to Toe luxury experience. Using all organic ingredients we will transport you into a state of blissful relaxation.

Includes: Foot Scrub & Soak + Luxury Organic Facial + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage 

Duration 120mins | Cost $195

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Let's face it your Back is hard to reach, every now and then it needs some care and attention.

We will deep cleanse using ultrasonic brushes, apply a peel followed by a scrub exfoliation & pore detoxifying mask remove each step with aromatic hot towels perform any necessary extractions finishing with a light massage - everything you need to feel fresh and squeaky clean.

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