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Spray tanning is a quick and easy way to add a beautiful glow to your skin,

whether it be a wedding, special occasion or to just feel good.

our tan experts can advise you on the best colour to suit your skin type.

We use australian made tan solutions with all natural ingredients.



for a long lasting tan


  • EXFOLIATING is very important — removing old, dead skin will ensure flawless coverage. If you have a remnants of your old tan, be sure to remove that, too. I recommend starting this process two days prior to your appointment. Tip: towards the end of your shower exfoliate with an oil-free scrub or hand mitt.

  • NO LOTION, MAKEUP OR DEODORANT – Arrive to your appointment with completely clean skin. However, if you’re coming from work,I have wipes to remove makeup and deodorant. 

  • WHAT SHOULD I WEAR DURING MY SESSION? – Most clients tan topless, you can wear your underwear, bathing suit bottom or I provide disposable g-strings. If you prefer you can wear a bathing suit or bra and panties, whatever you are comfortable in. But, be mindful if you’re getting a tan for an occasion and your tan lines, less is better and I think you’ll be happier with minimal tan lines. Also, plenty of women tan nude (especially those going on vacation) and I’m perfectly comfortable with that, ( option for Women only )

  • DO NOT SHOWER RIGHT BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT – Your skin needs time to dry and showering right before your appointment will effect the color of your tan. I prefer you shower at least 1-2 hours before, 12 hours is optimal.

  • WHEN SHOULD I BOOK MY TAN? 1 to 3 Days Before an Event; 2 Days Before your Wedding; 1 Day Before your Vacation; On Wednesdays if you like to be tan all the time.

  • SPA SERVICES: Waxing, pedicures and manicures should be done before your appointment. Waxing 1-2 days prior so you have time to effectively wash off any remaining wax residue. Nails can be done the same day, I just ask that if lotion is used on your legs, ask them to wipe it off or use none at all.

  • NO TIGHT CLOTHING: NO YOGA PANTS OR JEANS! Tight pants will rub your tan off and cause uneven development. Jeans are too abrasive and will rub of your tan as well. Bring/wear dark, loose-fitted clothing. Sweatpants, shorts, sundress, loose t-shirt, etc.,

  • PREPARE FOR RAIN: If rain is forecasted for the day of your appointment, don’t panic. As long as you cover up when you leave you’ll be fine! Wear a rain coat, bring an umbrella, wear long pants, long sleeves, etc. I carry rain ponchos should you forget to prepare.

  • RELAX AND PROCESS! Good things come to those who wait. Before you leave, I’ll provide you with after-care product recommendations and instructions and give you rinse time, it’s a smooth process and we’re going to have fun, so don’t worry, see you soon!



  • FIRST BRONZER RINSE: Before you leave I will give you rinse time, it’s important that you rinse off the bronzer (what I spray on you) when I tell you, to avoid over-processing and to achieve the colour we have discussed during your appointment. Rinse really well, until the water runs clear. If you see any streaking, keep rinsing as you did not remove all the bronzer.

  • SOAP/BODY WASH I do not recommend over-the-counter soaps, but I can tell you to avoid Dove soap while you have a spray tan.

  • STAY HYDRATEDgood moisturizer will protect and preserve your spray tan and use a tan extender to extend the life of your tan. I do not recommend over-the-counter lotions, if you want to use them, that is your discretion.

  • PAT DRY, do not rub. Be gentle with your spray tan.

  • NO SWIMMING: Water is a natural exfoliant. Hot tubs, pools and salt water will greatly fade your tan. Before you go in the pool or ocean, make sure you apply sunscreen, it will help to act as a barrier between the water and your spray tan. As soon as you get out of the water, rinse off in the shower if one is nearby.

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