hands and feet

Pamper your hands and feet with our deluxe range of manicure and pedicure treatments.

nail reshape + polish

nail shape, buff and polish

30mins | $25

nude manicure

nude manicure is perfect for nails needing some love. If they chip your a reformed nail biter or prefer to have afresh clean nail loo, this luxury treatment is for you.

Coconut oil dip extended harm and arm massage, nail and cuticle grooming and buffed to a high shine and finished with a clear plant based gloss.

45mins | $50

nude pedicure

with the nude pedicure our focus is on the feet and the heels, we pay extra attention to exfoliating and smoothing rough soles & heels. extended massage to relieve tension in aching legs and feet. Nails are files, groomed and finished with a clear coat. 

45mins | $60

just polish 

your choice of polish includes top and bottom coat

15mins | $15

polished manicure

our traditional manicure includes nail and cuticle grooming, buffing. YOur hands will be massaged and your nails polished to perfection with our favourite plant based non tox polishes from Miss Frankie.

30mins | $50

polished pedicure

our traditional pedicure includes a refreshing aromatherapy soak followed by foot and leg exfoliation, heel smoothing along with a relaxing foot and leg massage, finishing with nail grooming and your choice of a divine plant based low tox polish from the Miss Frankie range.

60mins | $70

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